A fancy white invitation is in my desk. My name on it.

I wonder who sent it. I feel so curious.
Then, gently I open it.
It’s a wedding invitation, from my very best friend. Wow! She’s getting married at the end of November, this year. Actually I knew about it, she told me her wedding plan. But still, I feel surprised.
We have been friends for almost ten years. She and I were born in the same month and year. She do know me and I do know her. 
Last night, she text me. She asked me to come to her wedding day. No doubt my friend, I will. Just trust me, I’ll be there to witness your first step to happiness. I will be your best maid of honor. Wearing a beautiful Kebaya,  I will sing a best prayer for you and your forever love.
I’m happy for you my dear.
Now,  all I can do is dreaming. When will your future plan happened to me. Well, I don’t want hoping too much. One important thing I need to do on your wedding reception is standing in front of you to catch the bride’s bouquet.

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denny mengatakan...

sini sini,,
dibantuin nangkepnya...

pake kebaya jangan loncat2 dong bee
tar gak jadi kartini lagi lho... :P

7 Oktober 2009 11.50