I know the distance is a factor
But I stretch as often as I can
My goal's to reach your hands any day now
Please don't blame me for trying
To fix this one last time
I have a hard time as it is

I see grey sky outside my window. I’m not in the mood to do anything today. I just wanna lay down on my bed and thinking. Thinking about something bothering my mind all night long. 
It is you that I’m worry about. You awake me from my sleep and almost make me cry. I know we haven’t met for months, but it’s not what I want. I have something to do here. But my only aim is to be with you. To hold, to kiss, and to love you.

I have promised you, I will be with you till the end of my life. Trust me and pray for me to make it happen. All I need is your patience, your understanding, and your love to bring me there, to be with you.  

Miss your laugh, bro!

2 komentar:

denny mengatakan...

miss you too... (???lho???)

udahlah bee,
itu kan cuma mimpi buruk..

26 Mei 2009 11.10  
Bee mengatakan...

it wasn't you mamen!! so GR deh..

kangen dia neh,
pengen berenang lagi
ngerasa bersalah banget belum bisa kasih sesuatu buat dia...


26 Mei 2009 11.18