a letter to mr. frog

To: my dear friend,

Through this letter I want to ask for your apologize. I do realize I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I do realize, I’ve hurt you enough. That’s why I send you this simple letter. 

As you said, you and I have an untold story that winter. A story about our unusual relationship. Even though it was only unusual relationship, I feel happy to share my life with you. 

My friend,
I know you feel so upset. But what can I do? You know I love you, I’ll always do. A love between brother and sister, like what you said. Please, don’t mad at me like this. 

At least say something. Tell me what you feel right now. I can’t lose you, and I don’t want to lose you. A friend like you. 

A bee can’t smile without a green frog. 

p.s. still remember this?? don't mad at me again, ok!!

4 komentar:

denny mengatakan...

sure do,,

not mad, just jealous to your new hubby.haha..

no no, i'm just kidding,
i'm no longer the bad tempered man. :P

bro-sis love?
ok, why nuts..?

19 Mei 2009 14.25  
Bee mengatakan...

it's ok if you jealous to him,
all i can do is: laugh out loud,hahahah


19 Mei 2009 14.28  
denny mengatakan...

we?? nuts??

you aja river, me not.. hahaha

19 Mei 2009 14.30  
Bee mengatakan...

ihh...so abegeh banget sih??!!!

19 Mei 2009 14.41